Hong Kong may be a small country but it’s one of the most traveled countries not just by Filipinos but by other nationalities as well because of its interesting cuisines, low to high-class boutiques for shopaholics and most especially because of their fascinating tourist attractions!

Hong Kong Disneyland
Laagan Kaayo at HK Disneyland Entrance
Honestly, I can’t think of any attraction that’s free admission in Hong Kong. Wait. Yes, there’s one! The famous Hong Kong Harbour. Yes. That picture you always see in calendars and brochures. Yes that one! What I’m saying is, if you’re going to Hong Kong you must prepare this enough amount of money to enjoy the place. “Hong Kong is cheap”, I hear that a lot. Maybe living there is cheap but enjoying there? you’re going to have to spend some cash. And so I’m here to help you save some bucks!


Gloomy Hong Kong Harbour
Gloomy Hong Kong Harbour

While I was busy finalizing our itinerary months before our flight, I stumble upon this china-base travel agency that sells discounted Hong Kong Disneyland tickets. My eyes went wide when I saw the discounted price. I was amazed and happy!

China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited

Before I go ahead, I just want to emphasize that this is not a sponsored post. How I wish. HAHA. I just wanna share my experience especially to those who are in a tight budget but still want to travel. The name of the travel agency is China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited. We bought all our admission tickets here. Ferry tickets to Macau are available here as well! You can check their website for the discounted rates or you can buy tickets in advance online if you already have money with you. You have to sign up though. Click here: http://www.ctshk.com/ap/english/ticket/queryticket.jsp

CTS at Hong Kong International Airport
LaaganKaayo buying tickets at CTS Kiosk in HKIA
 CTS have a lot of branches across Hong Kong, we chose to visit their branch at Hong Kong International Airport(HKIA) for our convenience. As soon as we arrive at the airport, we went to the CTS kiosk at Counter A04, Arrivals Hall, Terminal 1. For more info please click here.


The admission tickets we bought(as far as I remember) were for Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria’s Peak, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Macau Ferry Tickets b/f and Macau Tower. Please don’t ask the exact prices because I can no longer remember. I just guarantee you that you’ll save some $$$ if you buy at CTS.
Lastly, I highly suggest that you buy tickets in advance because (base on my experience) all attractions in Hong Kong are always crowded. Happy travels!

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