Okay. I know I started a drama 4 days before my birthday. How can I not? I was too disappointed and ashamed of myself. Read more here.

Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
Ponyo cupcakes

So I gave myself an ultimatum not to celebrate my birthday. Not even a little gathering. No. The day came like an ordinary day except everyone in the house greeted me. Casual lifeless boring greetings. We moved on. I went to the office after and my colleagues welcomed me withย  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAM!”.ย  They bought me a cake on the spot. I was touched and forced to order pizza for them. HAHA! They’re worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
I thought I said no gatherings.
Greetings from my other friends from the other side of the world start to flood as the sun sets. And there came one of my “Barkada(s)”, GROUPTRES. They wanted me to leave the office early and rush to their boarding house to celebrate. I was really hesitant. I don’t wanna celebrate my birthday, I don’t even have food to offer. Bla bla bla. It’s true though, I’m really broke. Promise. But they insisted.

So I packed my things and went downstairs as fast as I could. As I step outside the elevator, somebody shouted my name from behind. When I turned around, SURPRISE!!!!!

Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
Job well done guys!
Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
I was speechless. I hope they are not reading this, but they really made me super happy and made me feel so special. And shocked. And you know what’s the best part?


This is my fourth day being 23 and I haven’t moved on with my SPONGEBOB CAKE yet. How can I move on? For Christ’s sake.

Ponyo Cupcakes
Ponyo cupcakes to acknowledge the age increment.
Spongebob cake Laagan Kaayo
Spongebob cake Laagan Kaayo
Spongebob is happiness <3
It was all just a set up. I really had no idea. They pull it off well. I’m impressed. And I’m happy. Really happy.

Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
Sorry for my face. Never been this happy ๐Ÿ™‚
Birthday of Laagan Kaayo
LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! <3

I also thought I won’t celebrate my birthday. ๐Ÿ˜€

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