Cold weather. Pine Trees. Strawberries. Zero visibility. Yes, that’s Baguio. Located in the province of Benguet, situated the summer capital of the Philippines. I’m so excited!

Strawberries in Baguio

Accommodation:  Where to stay in Baguio?

We arrive in Baguio late in the afternoon coming from Vigan.The roads were covered with thick fog, as in zero visibility as we pass by but it was fun. Sorry I really had fun watching the fog. We didn’t have a hotel reservation when we got there but luckily we found this good man, offering us his Condo unit good for 4 person with kitchen and bathroom just across Burnham Park only for.. sorry I forgot T_T There are a lot of Condo units and transient houses that are ready to accommodate first time travelers in Baguio like us. All you have to do is ask around and prepare your bargaining skills. So don’t you worry! 🙂


Where to stay in Baguio?
The condo.
We began our tour the next morning and chartered a regular taxi to take us to the must-see tourist spots in Baguio. But before we explore Baguio’s beauty, we had to try first the ever famous Strawberry Taho. Only 15 pesos(last 2012) per cup. SO WORTH IT. YOU SHOULD TRY IT.


Things Not to Miss in Baguio

You should not miss Strawberry Taho in Baguio!
First Stop: Mines View Park
Mines View Park in Baguio
Igorots in the making
Mines View Park in Baguio
This dog is stinky, I do not recommend.
What to see in Mines View Park
This horse is sleepy T_T
Second Stop: The Mansion
The Mansion in Baguio
The official summer residence of the Philippine President.
The Mansion in Baguio
Not allowed to enter so.
Third Stop: Wright Park
Things to see in Baguio? Wright Park
Pine trees everywhere.
Pine Tress in Wright Park, Baguio
Me and Totoro smiling for the camera 🙂
Last Stop: Strawberry Farm
Where to go in Baguio? Strawberry Farm
Strawberry Farm
Strawberries in Baguio
Fresh strawberries!

So that’s how a short visit to Baguio should look like. It was a super short tour indeed. We didn’t even get a chance to visit Burnham Park when it’s just across our condo :'( BUT, it only means that I’ll be back in Baguio. Soon.

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