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Okay Guys! I know you’ve already heard the news about the Visa Free travel to Taiwan for Philippine Passport holders. Well, unfortunately it’s not for everyone. I know, life is usually unfair. I’m kinda used to it already. But fret not my friends! I’ll teach you how to apply for Taiwan eVisa in 10 Easy Steps in Less Than 10 Minutes!

Implementation of E-Visa for Philippine passport holders to enter the ROC (Taiwan)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) has also implemented the E-Visa (online Visa) for Philippine passport holders to enter the ROC (Taiwan). What does this mean? CONVENIENCE(at least for me)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of China (Taiwan) has announced that starting from October 7, 2016, Philippine passport holders who wish to travel to Taiwan are now eligible to apply for an E-visa (online visa). This simplified visa policy will facilitate the processing and save applicant’s time, traffic hassles, and economic cost. The applicant doesn’t need to physically appear in the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines.

Read the official announcement here:

For someone like me who is residing outside Manila, it’s really difficult to apply for a visa directly to the Embassy(one and only Taiwan embassy in Philippines). Well, there are a lot of agencies that can do the hassle work for you but you know in exchange for a hefty amount of money. No thanks.

So let’s get down to it! Last year, Cebu Pacific announced their new regional routes including direct flights from Cebu to Taipei and vice versa. I got excited because I really really really wanna see the ever famous Taipei 101. In fact I really did apply for a Visa exemption for Taiwan as my Japanese Visa was still valid at that time. But you know, it’s just me being rubbish and impulsive. Hahaha. I didn’t push through until I got my friends joined me and booked our flights to Taipei last December 2015 for only P3936/person back & forth including a 15-kilo baggage allowance this coming December, 2016. I know, it’s almost a year in the making. Just imagine the anxiety building up inside us now. HAHA.

So I applied for a Taiwan eVisa online last October 29, 2016 and here’s how I did it…in less than 10 minutes.

First of all, before you apply, please make sure you have a valid(at least 6 months before your arrival in Taiwan) passport and a credit card(could be from your friend or your mom). Read the FAQs here:

Also I did prepare some documents in case they require me to submit them. All in PDF format: NSO, COE, Bank Certificate, Accommodation Voucher from Agoda, scanned copy of passport, BIR 2316.

Step 1. Go here:

How To Apply for a Taiwanese Visa

Kindly read the disclaimer so you’ll know what you are getting into. Then click Confirm & Continue

Step 2. Click eVisa Applications

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 3. Please read the General Information on eVisa Application. Then click the I have read the above information. Click Here to Continue button.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 4. Filling up the form.

I will just mention the critical entries that we wrote. The rest is your own personal info.

Page 1 of 4

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Select Where You Will Be Applying For Your Visa: Asia – Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Philippines

ID No.: We wrote our passport number here.

Father’s Full Name: First Name Middle Name Last Name

Mother’s Full Name: Okay. I know what you’re thinking. But we DID NOT write our Mother’s Maiden name here. Instead we wrote our Mother’s Full Present Name, with our Dad’s last name.

Address and Telephone Number in Taiwan: I booked a temporary(book now pay later) hostel in Agoda just so we’ll have this information. It should be temporary because who knows if your visa will be approved… or denied.

Email: HIGH IMPORTANCE. They will send you the visa on this email address so be sure to write an active one. Then click Next

Page 2 of 4

How To Apply for a Taiwanese Visa

We wrote n/a in all the fields under DETAILS OF YOUR CONTACT IN TAIWAN (FAMILY, FRIEND, COMPANY OR SCHOOL) section. Then click Next

Page 3 of 4

How To Apply for a Taiwanese Visa

In all honesty, we answered NO to these questions. Then click Next.

Page 4 of 4

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

In our case, we answered NO to the 2 questions and the only entry left is Date of Application. Then we click Submit.

Step 5. Please read the Acknowledgment then click I agree.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 6. Take note of your Application No. Then click Process eVisa below.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 7. Please input your active email address. And as for the E-Code, we left it blank. I don’t really know what the hell is E-Code. Click Next.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 8. Confirmation. Please review your information FOR THE LAST TIME before paying. If any misspelled or wrong information is found after you paid, you cannot change it anymore and you must apply again. Click Next

Step 9. Payment page. Fee is NTD 1632 or Php 2577.42 (base on my credit card statement, depends on your bank & forex rate on that day). Click To Pay.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Step 10. It will be redirected to China Trust payment page. Kindly input your credit card details and click To Pay.

How To Apply for Taiwanese Visa Online

Once successful, an automated email notification will be sent to your email address. So what’s next? PRAY. I didn’t though. Hahaha. Because my mind was worried which requirement they’re gonna ask me to submit. What if it’s something I don’t have or worse, something I can’t provide? I am so dead. But it was a long weekend and the embassy was close so there’s no one to process our applications. We had no choice but to chill.

Email Notification for Taiwan eVisa Application
Automatic Email Notification

Finally November 2 came, regular work resumes throughout the country. It was around 9 in the morning I checked my phone, slowly scrolling for the notifications. Then I saw an “evisa” subject on one mail. I HAD NO EXPECTATIONS WHATSOEVER. I SWEAR TO GOD. When I opened it, my eyes went wiiiiiide. My visa is approved. AMAZING!!! NO SWEAT!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!! And most of all, I didn’t submit any requirements!

How To Apply For Taiwanese eVisa
Visa Approved!

Okay my case maybe different from your case when it’s your turn to apply for the visa, but at least this will serve as your inspiration that applying for a Taiwanese eVisa is not that hard. You can also read my Taiwan Travel Guide here. Furthermore, be sure to guard your heart always because there’s a good chance that you’ll fall in love with Taiwan. ?

Update as of September 2017

AUTOMATIC REPLY – Base on the feedback I receive so far, If you don’t receive the automatic reply email upon applying Taiwan eVisa online or don’t receive any reply at all about your application after a couple of days, DON’T FRET

*Check your SPAM FOLDER – Perhaps the email is there.
*Check the status of your application directly here:

DATE FORMAT – I have receive a lot of feedback recently about the date format on the e-visa application.They filled out correctly, however on the confirmation page the date format was change. DON’T FRET. That’s fine. As long as the details are correct, you won’t have a problem. For example below:

Filling out of details (correct):
Passport expiry: 2020/12/02
ETA: 2017/08/26
ETD: 2017/08/29

On the confirmation page (YYYY/MM/DD):
Passport expiry: 02/12/20
ETA: 26/08/17
ETD: 29/08/17

Thanks to Kara for her feedback. Check her comment below!

UNEMPLOYED – If you are unemployed but can afford to travel to Taiwan, you still have a chance to get a visa. Just be honest with your details. Feedback from one of my readers, Zay:

Hello! Thanks so much for the hope! My mom got an e-visa yesterday. 🙂 Totoo nga na hndi strict ang Taiwan, just be honest and follow the rules. I put N/A on her employer and none as her occupation and she got one! Amazing. We’ll have fun this August. Thank you laagankaayo! :))

There is a possibility that you will be asked to submit supporting / additional documents after applying Taiwan E-Visa online

I never thought of it until one reader sent me an email few days ago. So I highly suggest that you should not be complacent. Kindly prepare some of the common requirements like scanned copy of COE, Bank Certificate, details of accommodation in Taiwan, plane ticket, etc. She was shocked when the embassy sent her an email and ask for additional documents because she didn’t prepare any and her flight was already in 5 freakin’ days since her application. Like OMG!!! She adhere the embassy’s request accordingly and submitted the documents through email together with an explanation letter of her current employment status. And luckily, she was approved!!! Damn, I love Taiwan! ❤️

Read my Top 3 reasons why I fell inlove with Taiwan here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Taiwan Embassy. The intended audience for this article is Philippine Passport Holders only. The info mentioned above is base solely from my experience and feedback from the readers.


253 thoughts on “Apply for Taiwan eVisa in 10 Easy Steps in Less Than 10 Minutes!”

  1. Hi! Thanks for this post. It’s really a big help. I was filling out the application form for my mom and got stuck with the eCode field. I was ready to ditch the application altogether and go directly to the embassy; luckily, I came across your blog and you’ve saved me loads of time. I was able to successfully submit her application and will just be waiting for the results. We’ll also be looking into traveling to Taiwan this December.

    1. hi Alodia. that’s nice to hear. It’s my pleasure to help. Yes you are correct. If you have Japanese Visa(valid or expired within 10 years), you don’t need to apply for Taiwan Visa anymore. But I didn’t know this before I applied Taiwan Visa 🙁 so ayun charge to experience and to my credit card T_T

      1. Sayang naman binayad mo saka effort! Though I wouldn’t complain kasi nakatulong sakin/samin itong post mo. I was able to smoothly apply an eVisa for my mom. It took a few days before we got the results. We also just filled out the forms, paid and waited. No docs were requested, though we were prepared anyway in case they asked. For the visa exemption, I have a 3 used single entry Korean visas. I was concerned whether a used single entry visa is considered a “valid” visa. Coz they said a valid or expired visa not older than 10 years. I even went to the embassy to personally ask if a used single entry visa is considered valid. I was told it’s ok but I was still nervous until immigration screening. All went well. I presented my travel certificate and my used korean visa is on my passport. They just stamped “visa exempt” on my passport when I arrived in Taiwan. We also didn’t encounter any problems with my mom’s eVisa. I just forgot to bring it when we left Taiwan. We were allowed to leave but they asked for it and I had to explain that I left it on our checked baggage. Therefore, they weren’t able to stamp ‘departed’ to my mom’s visa. :'(
        Anyway, thanks once again for this very informative post. We enjoyed our stay in Taiwan!

      2. Hi. Just a question, how long did it took you to wait for the confirmation of application and payment after you have submitted the application on the website?

        1. Hi Stella,
          Sa akin, mga around 4 days lng kasi weekend ako nag apply tapos may holiday nun. yung sa friend ko naman, eto nangyari sa kanya:
          Nov 7 – nag apply online
          Nov 9 – naka tanggap ng acknowledgment ng visa application
          Nov 11 – approved ang visa

          Meron din ako natanggap na feedback na overnight lang yung processing ng visa nila. iba iba talaga yung case..

          1. Hello po..ask ko lng po if u nakaexperience n din kau mgaaply ng visa sa embassy?..i apply visa yesterday and i submit all documents like bank cert,bankbook,school certificate,hotel voucher,ticket itenary..i even paid for the isa u think i have chance to get visa approved?.my mga iba kc applicnt n bnlik ang papel nila..kinkbhn lng student..but wen i read your blog i was amaze andli lng mkakuha ng visa..advice pls?

          2. hello.

            My friend who is residing in Manila, nag apply xa mismo sa embassy tapos na approve naman. wala xang naging problema so far. think positive ka lang! 🙂

    2. hello.. ill be flying going to Taipei nextweek from cebu airport. approve na evisa ko… ask ko lang regarding sa ngask ung immigration ng company id sau. eh unemployed friend just invited me for his bday celebration and sight seeing too.he paid everything during my stay for 3days. ask ko lNg mgkakaprob ba ko neto! Pleass enlighten me thank you.

  2. By the way, I went through some of your older posts and found out that you’ve been to Japan already. I thought for those with Japanese visa already, you don’t have to apply for a Taiwanese Visa?

    1. Thank you so much for this blog. It really helped me a lot. I have just submitted my application last night, around 11pm. I have received the the confirmation of my eVISa around 4pm today! Wow! I just want toa sk, what to do after this? Thats a lot.

      1. hi Sheryl! you’re welcome.. after this, wala ka na gagawin except maghintay sa flight mo 🙂 don’t forget to print the evisa to show sa immigration. keep a copy also in your phone incase mawala.. enjoy Taiwan! 🙂

  3. Hello po. Just a clarification for your evisa application, all you did was you filled up the on line application and pay. That’s it po? You were not ask to submit any supporting documents that you prepared? Thanks po.

      1. hi! I got my visa yesterday 6pm. I submitted my application just the other day before 7am. Amazing ang bilis. My travel buddy has London visa. He got his travel certificate few minutes after he submitted his application. Laagan kaayo Salamat jud kaayo sa info:)

  4. Hello, I received an email message from evisa, and I was approved but everytime i log to print the visa…and encode my application number, passport num and verification code…my status is under review…I don’t understand… Can you help me? Thank u…btw, ur blog is a big help! I swear!

    1. Hello Mary.. did you double check if sakto yung application number na nilagay mo? if nothing is wrong from you side talaga, it’s best to contact the embassy and raise your concern. I’ve check their website and found this link to contact them.
      Para mas mabilis tawagan mo nlng sila: +63 2 887 6688
      Reach out to them as soon as you can to settle the issue asap. Hope it helps! Balitaan mo ako..

      1. Hello. Thanks for this post, helped me with the ecode. I have successfully processed my payment but haven’t received any automated email confirmation.Gano pa katagal bago natatanggap to? Thank you.

        1. Hello Golden Thoughts 😀 it’s okay. the same thing happened to my friend na kasama ko sa Taiwan last December. Eto nangyari sa kanya:
          Nov 7 – nag apply online
          Nov 9 – naka tanggap ng acknowledgment ng visa application
          Nov 11 – approved ang visa

          So don’t worry 🙂 meron siguro bug sa system nila kasi dpat “automatic notification” yun. Di bale, when the work resumes tomorrow(monday), baka dadating na yung confirmation mo. Tiwala lng.. balitaan mo ko! 🙂

    1. Hi Jah

      I cannot answer that directly kasi ang embassy ang magdedetermine niyan. Pero yung sa case ko, nag prepare ako ng bank cert just in case lng. But wala akong sinubmit na requirements talaga.

  5. GIRL! I love you na wa akong stress nimo! salamat jud kay nag butang kag guide. Nagkabuang kog pangita unsa nang e code. May gani wala ra diay. Thanks again and keep it up!! mwwaaahhhh

  6. Thanks to your post, my boyfriend got his e-visa in 12 hours!

    I got a travel authorization certificate while my boyfriend needed to apply for a visa because he didn’t have any visa that will make him eligible for the travel authorization certificate. He was about to apply at TECO in RCBC when I saw your post about the e-visa while researching on how to easily get a Taiwan visa.

    He applied on Feb 13 at 11 pm. The following day, Feb 14, I asked him to check his email in case he received a notification about his application and we were surprised to find out that he got approved that quick.

    1. Hi Laagan kaayo! I just sent in my application tonight at around 8pm and got an email confirmation at around 8:10 p.m. Huhu I’m so nervous!!! Anyway ask ko lang how long it takes bago sila magsend ng email na approved/denied ka? And ayun I did something stupid din kasi I forgot to take note of my application number kaya di ko macheck status ng application ko online:(

      1. hi Kiersten.. di ko masasagot yan kasi hindi sila consistent. May iba, next day yung iba naman mga 3 days. Depende talaga sa embassy yun. Tapos normal lang yung feeling mo. haha ganayan din ako when I applied.. Bahala na si Batman. pero so far, wala pa talaga akong nasagap na may na deny sa visa nila sa Taiwan. think positive lang!

  7. I just applied for an e-visa just now. Will travel this March 23 for me and the boyfriend’s anniversary. He got his Korean visa yesterday and will be flying to Korea tomorrow.
    Hope I’ll get approved. Your blog helped me out a lot, though there’s lot of hesitation at first coz there is money involve. Mahirap na magkamali, though I’m confused with the middle name and the middle initial. I have 2 names btw and I did not include my middle initial on the form, I hope I’m not in trouble, this worries me a lot.

    1. ahh don’t worry Nami! as long as the name in your application matches your name in your passport, it will be fine. Also, I receive a positive feedback recently, he applied on Feb 14 then he got the visa approval on Feb 15.. just think positive! 🙂

          1. Got it na po, tho I didn’t receive anything on my email. Had to check through their website, was approved naman po and I’ve finally downloaded the file for printing. I’m not sure if that was it, do you have copy of your e-visa po ba?

          2. hi Nami! That’s nice. yes i have a copy. Actually yan na yun. Kasi yung confirmation email nila sakin is sabi lng approve. I still have to go to the site to check my application. Tapos same sa ginawa mo, ininput ko yung application no.. then print it. 🙂

          3. What do I need to bring to the immigration aside for the e-visa and passport? Sorry, dami question, but you’ve helped a lot, thank you thank you. 🙂

          4. hi Nami. sorry late reply.. dinala ko rin yung accommodation voucher namin in case hanapin nila.. yan lng basically I guess. sa Pilipinas na immigration hinanahapan ako ng company ID. pero pagdating sa Taiwan na immigration, chill na lahat. passport nlng at e-visa yung prinesent ko. 🙂

          5. Ngayon ko lang pala na check, March 1 ako nag file ng e-visa then approved agad by March 2. Hindi ko lang talaga na check online coz I was waiting for them to email me.
            We’re all set and ready to fly this week Thursday. Can’t wait to see Taiwan. Your blog has helped me and my other friends a lot. Less hassle, Thank you! 🙂
            For those who are asking if may documents na issubmit, none of me and my other 2 friends has submitted anything. Pero mas maganda na rin yun complete documents ka, 😉

    2. Hi! I have the same query. I was not able to put/included my Middle Name on the evisa app which is already approved. I am abit concerned if there will be any problems… How did it go with you, Ms. Nami? Was there a problem that there was no middle name included? Hope I can get a response. I am a bit worried and I will be going by next week monday. 😀 😀

  8. Hi! Tanong ko Lang i don’t have any visa from other countries like Japan, Korea, etc., yung e-visa is okay na ba pag pumunta ka ng Taiwan or need pa ng Visa from TECO? If Tama ba ang intindi ko. Thanks!

    1. hello. I use my unionbank credit card 🙂 Also I can’t say na hindi kailangan ng supporting docs. Ang embassy lang po yung makakapagsabi. depende sa case ng applicant. But so far, wala pa akong nabalitaan na na deny sila sa e-visa application. Think positive lng! 🙂

  9. hi ask ko lng po kng pde i leave blank ung contact no s taiwan kasi d ko makita yung contact no ng hotel address lng ung nka provide s expedia thank u.

  10. Hi Ask ko lang if sa Occupation pag wala don yun work mo (Example banking) wala kasing banking sa choices dun sa occupation e, pwede ba naka others nalang yun? di kaya ma question yun? thanks sa blog.

      1. Laagankaayo,

        Thank you so much, sa blog mo nakatulog ng Malaki promise,, nakuha ko na visa ko ayun in god’s help approved naman sya thank you so much, one day treat kita if mag kita tayo sa daan 🙂

          1. Hi Laagankaayo ask ko lang ulit if pag dating ba sa Airport (naia) is need pa ng mga doc sa immigration? or yun visa nalang ipapa kita? kasi sa case ko wala ako kahit isang docs visa lang from taiwan ang meron ako now.. thank you!

          2. hi Roi. sa Cebu ako na immigration 🙁 di ako alam sa NAIA. anyway, sa case ko hinanapan ako ng company ID.. tapos usual questions na how long are you gonna stay there, sino kasama mo and all. so far okay naman. basta tip lng, sumagot ka lng kung ano ang itatanong sayo. kung walang tanong, wag magsalita para wala ng issue sa immigration officer.

            also, just wanna share my recent experience sa NAIA last March 18 papuntang bangkok, GRABE SOBRA TAAS NUNG LINE, kaya diritso na lahat. wala ng tanong yung mga officer. haha i hope ganun ang maging situation mo para no questions na 🙂

    1. hi Lou. so far sa case ko wala silang pina submit.. depende lng siguro sa embassy talaga. we can never tell kung mag-a-ask sila ng requirements or hindi. kaya nag prepare ako just in case.. pero hindi siya nagamit. haha 😀

  11. Hi.I need to ask,san k nagpapalit ng php to twd?dto b sa pinas o sa taiwan?I heard kc n hnd dw cla nagpapalit ng php,is it true?
    My atm b sa tpe airport?

    1. Hi there. Yes sa experience namin they dont change php sa taipei 101 na money changer. Sa Taipei Airport ka nlng magpachange. Dun nagpa change yung friends ko. Pero ako dito sa Cebu 🙂

      1. hello po, mag ask lng ko kanang about sa evisa, kanang when sila mag need ug supporting documents? unsay mga instances? thank you

        1. hi Bonitz 😀

          actually sa ako case wala sila nag need ug supporting documents PERO nag andam lng ko just in case. mas maayo mag ready lang para walay mahay 🙂 but so far, wala rasad koy feedback na nadawat na nagask jud sila ug supporting documents sa pag apply sa e-visa. so depende rajud nimo 🙂

  12. Hi mam , ask ko lang po . Kailangan dn po b ng cert of employment tsaka letter of approval to leave from your company ?

  13. Omg, omg! Seriously? Hindi sila naghanap ng other documents sayo? I am planning to visit Taiwan alone this month kasi and yung lolo ko yung sasagot sa expenses as his birthday gift for me. Yung pinoproblema ko is yung financial statements and employment chuchu since college student pa lang kasi ako and hindi pa nagwowork. I’ll go and apply for a passport muna and then apply for e-visa. Hopefully, hindi rin sila mag-ask for other docs sa akin. Thank God I found your article! It’s been a HUGE help!

  14. Hi! I mistakenly submitted a General Visa form instead of e-Visa. I just realized after clicking Submit. Okay lang kaya if I submit another form, this time I’ll make sure e-Visa na. Thanks!

        1. hi Rome. so far ikaw palang ang nakilala ko na hiningan ng E-code. Can you pls review the process from the top, baka kasi my na select ka na di related sa Philippine passport holders na kukuha ng e-visa kaya humihingi ng e-code. please review. tapos pag correct naman talaga yung selections and data mo tapos humingi parin ng e-code, I guess you need to call na the embassy for that information.

  15. Hi, ask ko lang. even without visa from korea, japan,usa can still travel to Taiwan as long as you have e-visa? Thank you

        1. Hello, AC! Did you put a name of employer or school when you’re unemployed? I want to get a visa for my mom kasi. Sana ma-approve. Thank you in advance. 🙂
          Thank you rin for the blog, laagankaayo! Very, very helpful. 🙂

  16. Hi dzaiii salamat keei SA imung post.. You’re a blessing… Next payout Pako mukuha ug Visa heheheh.. Effort pa jud keei ka my reply SA kaparehas natong laagan hahahaha…. More travels to come! God bless you always!!

          1. hi amega!! naka-pasar gud ko.. within 7 days i got my results.. dzaai naa koy question.. unsay size sa paper??? a4? long? short? thanks

          2. yeyyyy beri good! A4 akoang pag print sa e-VISA nako upon checking right now. I think di bitaw mo matter 😀 pero ikaw depende ra nimo 🙂

  17. Hi! This post is really helpful! 🙂 Question, would you know if they will accept Debit cards for e-visa application? Thanks!

  18. hi can u help me filled up the application form because the sample u have provided might be for single and not themarried one.. please give me the exact format on how to answer the application form since my husband also work in taiwan and i want to visit him..

  19. hi i want to apply for an e visa i am married woman nahihirapan ako ifilled up ung form kasi di ko alam kung ilalagay ko ba ung work ng husband ko sa application ofw kasi sya sa taiwan . please help me namn provide me sample of application form na pede ko pamarisan . thanks

    1. hi Sky i think the same lang naman yung info na ilalagay.. put N/A mo nlng yung Contact in Taiwan. don’t mention na pupuntahan mo yung husband mo para wala ng hassle. like plain tourist ka lang. also when are you planning to go? visa free na ang mga pinoy starting June. no need to apply for visa na.

      1. so doon sa box na under sa husband ko di ko n lalagyan n sa taiwan sya nagwork ganon ba kasi may field na na employer or school lagay ko na lang is ung last company nia dito ganun ba

        1. mmm you’re talking about sa DETAILS OF YOUR CONTACT IN TAIWAN section right? para sakin lang ha. I will leave it all blank. like N/A. all of it. it’s okay lang naman if wala kang contact sa Taiwan. in which yun yung naging case namin. pero nasa sayo yan kung ilalagay mo yung details ng husband mo.. no problem din naman yun 🙂

          1. Hi good day ive been to taiwan last august using e visa .my question is can i re apply again together with my son.weve planning to go there by march of next year..thanks

        2. Ms. Sky i read your post.. we have the same issue, my husband also works in taiwan now i am stuck in page 2, i dont know if i will leave it blank or provide my husbands dorm address.. kumusta yung application mo approve naba? pls share.. ty

  20. Hello, ask ko lang kasi I am scheduled to Taiwan on June 17, 2017. Do I still need to apply for eVisa kasi sabi sa news starting June visa free na daw?

      1. Hello Unfortunately na pushed back ng 1 to 2 months ung Visa Free Entry to Taiwan sa June 1. Pls. Refer here :

        Naparanoid ako sa totoo lang kasi June 3 ung travel ko. Nung nabalitaan ko to nung April naging kampante ako kasi sabi ko sa sarili ko no need to apply for Visa na. Kaso nagkaron ako ng kutob at takot na baka mamaya ndi ma2loy sa June 1 and ndi ako makaalis. Aun nga! Buti nalang nagcheck ako online at nagtanong tanong sa mga friends ko sa Taiwan.

        Nakakapraning! Wala pa kasi akong requirements na napprepare eh.. natatakot ako baka madenied ako.. huhu. So thank you sa blog mo kasi kahit papano nawala ung pagka panic ko. 🙂

        Sana maapprove din ako and sana walang maging problem.

        1. hi Tere.. thanks sa heads up. ngayon ko lng nabalitaan na napostpone pala. omg. anyway, im glad na nakatulong ako sa pag process ng e-visa mo. Think positive lang! 🙂

    1. Hi Dew, u can use ur debit master card as long u have the CCV last 3-Digit available at the back of ur debit master card that will serve as credit card a like.

  21. Hello po. Saan niyo po ba nagamit yung NSO birth certificate at bank account statements while applying for an evisa? Thank you po. 🙂

  22. Hi! When I heard on the news last night and on TECO website that visa free entry is postponed, I immediately look for blog on how to apply E-VISA. I tried to use debit mastercard but it didn’t work kahit na may CCV so today I use credit card then it was successful. All I need now is to wait for their approval.There is also a link that you can check the status you will just input the application and passport number. Yun lang I didn’t input my father and mother’s full name kasi wla namn ako na enter din na middle name ko. I do hope di naman maging problem yun hehehe! thanks also for your blog.

      1. Late revert. I was surprised because I applied for evisa last May 17 around 12pm and the following day May 18, when I got the email notification on my phone that visa application is already approved and ready for printing.
        I was expecting it pa na mga 3-4 working days (kahapon) but the processing only last for only 26 hours.
        Yehey! see you Taipei on June.

  23. Hi, we are going to Taiwan on Feb 2017. Is it ok if I just acquire a Korean visa even if I’m not going to Korea, I will just use it for my Taiwan trip, to apply for the Travel Authorization Certificate? thanks

    1. Hi Jessica
      ikaw na! haha i think okay lang naman yan. hindi naman ipinagbabawal.. are you doing that kasi free yung pag apply ng Korean Visa? 😀

  24. Hello Kissyah.

    Just wanna say thanks for this walkthrough. I trusted that April announcement na visa-free na sa Taiwan, but they dropped the bomb last few days ago. Nagpanic ako so I’ve searched for the fastest way to get an ROC visa, and saw this guide in Google. Applied last May 16th, 2017, then got the approval on May 18th.

    Again, thank you. Travel more.

    Cheers. 😀

  25. Hi, thank you for this wonderful and very detailed process sa pag-apply ng visa, I was trying to apply for an e visa few days ago, but gave up because i couldn’t fill up some details needed. Hehe. Googled, then found this. Bookmarked this already 🙂 Anyway, my question is if you didn’t encounter any issues or delay upon arrival in taiwan upon presenting just the printed visa? Same lang ba yon or equal with the stamped/posted visa on your passport? Thank you.

  26. Hey! First, thank you for this post! ?? I’m trying to apply for an eVisa, but I’m stuck in page 2. What if I don’t have any contact in Taiwan? Should I just leave it blank or put in the hotel where I’m planning to stay. Thank you and hoping to hear from you asap hehe ??

  27. Hello Guys, does anyone encountered this: My boyfriend applied for an e-visa today, after the payment was entered there has been an error to the site then it automatically refreshed going back to the payment options. Upon checking my visa card there has been a deduction already but no confirmation number, notification or whatsoever. We tried to check the e-visa status however it prompt “No Visa Application Record”

    🙁 nag report na po ako sa Representative Office of Taiwan in Manila.

    1. hello Aika. sorry to hear this. may feedback naba galing sa embassy? so far naman sa mga messages na natatanggap ko, ikaw palang ang naka encounter ng ganitong issue. 🙁 balitaan mo ko!

  28. Hi!

    I’m currently on the process of applying an e-visa.
    I have entered the correct details upon filling out, however, I noticed that the dates became different on the confirmation page.
    Should I just continue in processing?
    I’m afraid there might be a problem on the visa after it has been processed.

    Filling out of details (correct):
    Passport expiry: 2020/12/02
    ETA: 2017/08/26
    ETD: 2017/08/29

    On the confirmation page (YYYY/MM/DD):
    Passport expiry: 02/12/20
    ETA: 26/08/17
    ETD: 29/08/17


    1. hi Kara. Meron na din akong na tanggap na ganitong issue. i think pang 3rd kana. pero i think nag continue lang sila. pero para sigurado, tawag ka nlng sa embassy. sa case ko, IF hindi nagbago ang site, i think nag proceed lang din ako kahit iba yung format sa dates. balitaan mo ako!

    2. Hi i am also experiencing the same problem sa arrangement ng dates s xpconfirmation page. Did you have any feedback about this? Tnx..

        1. I got mine too this day. Pero di kaya makakaapekto yung dates n baligtad dun sa immigration sa taiwan? Kasi nagwowoory ako n bka sabihin doon n mali nmn ung mga dates especially ung expiration ng passport. Hehe

          1. Hi ate and Kim!

            This reply is directly from BOCA – Taiwan with regard to the incorrect date format upon confirmation.

            I think there is nothing to be worried about as long as all information are correct.

            Dear xxxxxxxx,
            In reply to your email of June 3, 2017, we would like to inform you that after assessing your visa application data, we find that you have provided correct date of arrival information in spite of using different date format in your PC; therefore, you can continue to complete your visa application online. Should you have any further questions, you are advised to contact our mission in Manila ( for direct consultation.

            With kind regards,

            Bureau of Consular Affairs
            Ministry of Foreign Affairs
            Republic of China

  29. Hi ate!

    approved na po yung evisa ko, ngayon ko lang po nareceived yung approval.

    I think wala naman problema kasi hindi naman nakalagay sa evisa yung ETA and ETD 🙂

    Medyo kinabahan lang ako at ang tagal ng reply nila. Hahaha

    June 3 – Submit Application/Received confirmation email
    June 6 – Received approval of the visa

    Thank you po ate 🙂

  30. Hello! may I ask if the address I’m staying in Taiwan has to be under my name for the application of the visa? 😀

    1. hello there. sorry late reply. just got back from Palawan. i think it’s okay na hindi nakapangalan sayo yung accommodation niyo kasi hindi naman mag sasubmit ng confirmed accommodation voucher upon applying e-visa online. 🙂

  31. Hi! I applied E-Visa ngayon lang. I am nervous! 🙁 Since, may work is a visual artist / painter, wala sa option ng occupation.. nilagay ko nalang other. Then yung employer, yung nagmamanage samin sa art scene. Ok lang kaya yun?

    1. hi Lily. sorry late reply. just got back from PAlawan. May result naba? if wala pa. don’t worry. others din yung nilagay ko sa occupation na part. Think positive lang! balitaan mo ko! 🙂

      1. yay! naaproved ako! 🙂 Nag apply ako ng June 17, 6pm. Then nag email sakin ngayon lang June 19 ng confirmation ng 8:23am, then naapprove ako ng 10:54am. 😀 Natry mo na po ba gamitin yung E-Visa going to Taiwan? Madami po bang questions sa immigration? Madali lang po ba?

        1. hi Lily! congrats! so far sa experience ko, sa PH immigration lang maraming tanong. pero pagdating sa Taiwan na immigration, hindi nila ko tinanong. diritcho na.. enjoy Taiwan! 🙂

          1. Hello, if you’re applying for E-visa online, no need na po. If sa embassy mismo ka mag aapply, i think need to prove your financial capacity.. 🙂

  32. Wow dalawang beses ko nag apply sa evisa , nag hang kasi computer ko sa first application nabigyan na ako nang application number diko kasi na save so nag fill up ako again , sana di nila ako charge twice till now nag antay pa ako sa email nila , thanks for this blog if diko nabasa to praneng na ako mag antay ako bukas

  33. Thank you for this post! I got approved even I’m young and unemployed. For those who are asking if may documents na kailangan. Siguro i-ready na lang natin ito just in case hanapin and IDs na rin 🙂
    To enter Taiwan with this eVisa, you must also possess:
    (a) a passport with at least six months validity from a country eligible for eVisas
    (b) sufficient funds for the period of stay in Taiwan
    (c) a confirmed onward/return air ticket

    Thanks so much!

      1. Hi po. Nag-apply po ako ng e-visa. Na-approve na siya pero ayaw ma-print. Tama naman po yung tinype ko na Application no. at Passport no. pero ito po lagi lumalabas “Invalid information. Please make sure the information you provided is correct” Paano po kaya ito? Thank you po!

        1. hello Luz.. sorry late reply. please contact the embassy directly regarding this. ikaw palang yung nakilala ko na naka encounter ng ganitong situation. thanks.

  34. hello.. ill be flying going to Taipei nextweek from cebu airport. approve na evisa ko… ask ko lang regarding sa ngask ung immigration ng company id sau. eh unemployed friend just invited me for his bday celebration and sight seeing too.he paid everything during my stay for 3days. ask ko lNg mgkakaprob ba ko neto! Pleass enlighten me thank you.

    1. mmm para sakin ipakita mo lang yung proof na yung friend mo ang gagastos lahat kapag the officer asked if you are employed. If hindi mag tanong, don’t talk lang. kasi yung tendency sa unemployed, magtithink sila na mag-aapply ka abroad illegally kaya ayun. pero hintayin mo na rin yung reply ni Alodia sa experience niya. *fingers-crossed* balitaan mo ko!

      1. ganun ba…anong proof nman un if ever they ask? kinakabahan tuloy ako. hahaha sa tuesday na flight ko eh. mahigpit talaga sa cebu? thank you for answering ?

        1. para sakin ang level ng higpit is depende sa kung sinong immigration officer ang makakausap mo. for the proof naman, like convo niyo ng friend mo? na siya talaga ng bayad.. mga receipts and all. just pray nlng na hindi ka makatiming ng strikto na immigration officer. Basta if wala kang tinatago naman or illegal na ginagawa, everything will be okay. Think positive lang 🙂

  35. Hello! Thank you for your post, this became really handy for me. Anyways,I haven’t received an automated email and i’m quite nervous about it 🙁

    1. Hi Jen

      Borrow ka nalang ng credit card sa friends mo. Need talaga siya for payment sa E-Visa. Pero if wala talaga, I suggest you apply nalang your visa sa Embassy mismo..

  36. Hi I just wanna ask, meron akong valid NZ tourist visa last year, tas nag apply ako sa korea this july lang ng tourist visa, denied ako hindi daw ako qualified (nakakahiya naman sa NZ di ba), no I’m planning to get a travel certificate sa taiwan. Magkakaprob kaya ako?

    1. hello.. i think wala naman. automatic po yung travel certificate.. no need na ang approval. basta be sure to present lang yung NZ visa mo when you face the immigration. enjoy Taiwan! 🙂

    1. Hi Keish

      I think pwede naman. Basta you can finance your travel. Just check their site for more information regarding if student yung applicant ng visa. Balitaan mo ko! 🙂

      1. Pupunta po kasi kaming buong family. Okay po ba na e-visa nalang kunin namin lahat? Or better yung general visa sa TECO? Thanks po

  37. I personally want my visa to be stamped/pasted on my passport. If I apply for e-visa, will I get to have a legit Taiwanese visa on my passport?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. hi Athena.. ikaw yung nag msg sakin sa fb page? 😀 e-visa is just a piece of paper(A4).. if you want the visa pasted on the passport, sa embassy dapat mag a-apply 🙂

  38. Hi! I find your blog very helpful! Ask ko lang, we are booked for Taiwan on January 2018, when is the best time to apply for an e-Visa? Thanks!

    1. hello Mitzie! thaaanks <3 for me, you should apply on December like first week or a week before the holidays. so there are still people from the embassy who can process your application.. ?

  39. Hello po! We’re planning to visit Taiwan this October. I’m currently unemployed, is there any problems po ba na ma ii-encounter ko? My mother will be the one to finance our vacation. And btw, it’s our first time to go abroad. Thank you po!

    1. hello Melissa! i think wala naman kasi meron narin akong mga readers na nag feedback sakin.. na na grant yung visa nila kahit walang work.. check the last part ng blog post na to.. just be honest lang in your application 🙂 balitaan mo ko! 🙂

      1. How about po pagdating sa immigration? Diba po meron pang interview or something? Pagdating na po ba ng Taiwan ka tatanungin ng immigration? Salamat po!

        1. sa immigration sa pinas, e ask ka talaga if may work.. pero be honest lang talaga..tapos be sure to bring na copy sa inyung plane ticket na back and forth para ma sure nila na babalik kayo. and sa taiwan na immigration, chill na doon. sa case namin, passport and e-visa lng yung pinakita namin. tapos okay na 🙂 — pero hindi yan guaranteed ha. base lang yan sa experience ko. but Think positive parin! 🙂

          1. Thank you po! Hoping po na magiging smooth lang yung travel namin. Madamo nga salamat! 🙂

  40. Hi Ma’am can I apply for E-visa first before booking our flight to Taiwan? Kasi I was thinking if we got declined mahal ticket 4 kami in the family, but I noticed may date of arrival and departure need bang exact day un? db pwedeng give or take 2 days na defference? thanks

    1. Hello Joy! yes it’s fine.. the date of arrival is also flexible kasi yung nakalagay sa visa ko is Issue Date at Enter Before date lang.. walang specific na date of arrival/departure. so go na! balitaan mo ko! 🙂

  41. hello po..plan ko magpunta sa taiwan this coming dec 13. to surprise my partner sa bday nya. dual passport kasi xa taiwan and phil passport kaya he can stay longer doon and nag stay xa sa mom nya na citizen na din dun. yung contact num ba at address na inaask sa application okay lng ba kht hindi hotel kasi dun nmn ako magstay sakanila ng mom nya? wala din ako credit card,master debit card lng na may ccv sa likod ng card? matagal ko na talagang pangarap magpunta sa taiwan 12 yrs old palang ako and nagkaron ako ng big hope ng mabasa ko tong blog mo.

    1. Omggg go na Maria! Yes pwd naman hindi sa hotel basta legit yung number at address mo dun sa Taiwan. Also, oks lng kung debit as long as may visa/MasterCard na logo. 🙂 Balitaan mo ko!

      1. sobrang naeexcite ako.. okay lng ba mag apply ng evisa this end of the month kht dec pa ko ppunta dun?

        1. Mmm mas mabuti kung mga November kana mag apply kasi mejo malayo pa ang December ? pero super understandable naman yung excitement.. ganyan din ako dati… Dec dn kami pumunta sa Taiwan ❤️

  42. Hi Kissyah! Thanks for writing this article! Naabot ko diri kay na-praning sad ko sa eCode. (Plus putol-putol pa jud among internet so nagubot na jud akong utok hehe!) Your article really helped so salamat kaayo. xx ?

  43. Hi this helped me alot. I already applied e-visa yesterday, dunnot if approve na haven’t checked my email yet as of this time. I’m just worried kasi na tick ko yung visiting family kasi sister ko naman ang pupuntahan ko talaga sa Taiwan. Then don sa contact details hindi ko nailagay ang ARC number nya ok lang kaya yon?

    1. hi Honey.. ano yung ARC number? di ako sure sa situation mo kasi ikaw palang yung naka pag feedback sakin ng ganito.. pero so far ha.. meron paring na approve kahit mali yung address na nalagay niya. like she wrote her address in philippines instead yung hotel address nila sa Taiwan.. pero approve parin! haha so siguro okay lang yung sa case mo. but that is just my opinion ha. yung Embassy parin yung magdedecide sa application mo. Think positive lang! balitaan mo ko! 🙂

      1. Hello sorry late reply. I just got home from Taiwan. Thank you so much for the help. I could have got my visa in the TECO kung hindi ko nabasa to. Totoo nga na wala nang requirement sa evisa. Even my sister she was so amazed. By the way ARC number is like the citizen number keme doon since kasi na asawa nya Taiwanese and malapit na syang maging resident doon. Ang mura mura sa Taiwan sarap mag shopping. I only have 3,500NT na baon may natira pa akong 700NT. over baggage pa ako sa handcarry hahaha. Will be back there on winter.

  44. hi! nagapply ako ng e visa today. kaso nadeclined yung payment ko (namali kasi ako sa security code. lol) can i still re apply the e visa? hindi ba yun makakapekto sa application ko? nagcheck naman ako ng status, Application can not found yung lumalabas. does it mean hindi na push through yung application ko?
    thank you in advance

    1. hi Che.. in that case.. I suggest na you call the embassy para ma double check if nag push yung application mo.. saka kana mag apply ulit pag na confirm na nila.. para ma sure lang. ayoko mag compromise especially if may bayad. 😀

      1. Hi! Thank you very much for this post. It’s been a great help to many. Anyway, I filed my application at around 10:30 last night. I also had a little bit of difficulty regarding the online payment because it said “Declined,” but my friend (I used my friend’s card.) got an “Approved Purchase” notification and a reference number through text. The amount had been deducted na rin.

        Should I be worried that I haven’t received confirmation of my application and payment yet? I’ve read other comments na a delay on the embassy’s part is pretty common. I’ve been checking my e-mail, even the spam folder, but still nothing. I also tried checking the status of my application, but just like Che, I keep getting an error message. Any suggestion from you would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  45. Hi! Thank you very much for this post. It’s been a great help to many. Anyway, I filed my application at around 10:30 last night. I also had a little bit of difficulty regarding the online payment because it said “Declined,” but my friend (I used my friend’s card.) got an “Approved Purchase” notification and a reference number through text. The amount had been deducted na rin.

    Should I be worried that I haven’t received confirmation of my application and payment yet? I’ve read other comments na a delay on the embassy’s part is pretty common. I’ve been checking my e-mail, even the spam folder, but still nothing. I also tried checking the status of my application, but just like Che, I keep getting an error message. Any suggestion from you would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. hello Kat

      Don’t worry. mag allocate ka nalang ng like 2 days to wait sa application status mo. I think super busy ngayon yung embassy kasi hindi natuloy yung visa free sa mga pinoy so grabi yung traffic ng evisa application. Be patient ka lang. tapos if wala parin after like mga 3 days.. you can call the embassy to check the status of your application. Stay positive lang. Balitaan mo ko! 🙂

  46. Hello laagankaayo,

    may idea po kyo panu apply e-visa for a family of 4? can i just apply on their behalf? like, one by one fill up ako application nila, then i can just use my own email address para lahat ng evisa dun isend ng embassy? one more thing, dun sa evisa mo that time, was it stated as 3 months validity or 90days? So yung start nung validity is from the date of approval anu? thanks in advance.

    1. Hello.. in my opinion, i think okay lang same address.. wala naman ako nakikitang bawal.. pero ikaw parin ang mag dedecide. Tapos yung evisa ko is valid for 3 months and ang max duration of stay is 30 days 🙂

  47. Good day po! Katatapos ko lang po kasi mag-apply today (sunday) ng eVisa ko as in payment and all. Nung ichecheck ko po yung status nung visa ko, inencode ko po ung Passport number and Application number (buti na lang nasave ko po ung receipt)…. “Application NOT found” daw po ung application ko. waah! I tried contacting them kaso wala pa din pong reply. Dahil po ba Sunday? help naman po!

    1. Hello Kim
      I think normal na yan na scenario na hindi agad nagrereflect yung application mo sa site nila if kaka-apply mo lang. Hintay ka lang ng at least 2 days. If wala pa rin, tawag ka sa embassy para follow up. Think positive lang! Balitaan mo ko ?

  48. Thanks for writing this article! It’s really helpful, especially the filling-up the form part. The look of the form is quite confusing with all the Chinese character and wonky layout. But the step by step helped. Took away some of the anxiety reading all of the comments too.

    I was actually quite worried when I submitted it because I didn’t capitalize all the letters of all the names. i remember reading that application name should match passport name – and passport is in capital letters. However my e-visa still got approved and very quickly ?

    Submitted and paid on 9/22 (Friday) 8AM
    Got the confirmation on 9/22 (Friday) 1:30PM
    Got the approval on 9/25 (Monday) 9:00AM

  49. Hi Miss, nag apply ako ng e-visa kahapon at sinundan ko lng ang steps dito sa blog mo. Ngayong umaga lng natanggap ko sa email na approved ang application ko. Laking tulong talaga netong blog mo miss, maraming maraming salamat. At metrobank debit mastercard pla gamit ko pagbayad online, madali lng po. Thanks so much and god bless!

  50. Hello! I made an earlier post about having problems regarding payment and confirmation email. Apparently, hindi valid yung card nung friend ko, so it’s not the embassy’s fault naman.

    Yesterday, I applied again. I just followed the steps and used the very helpful tips you provided here. I got the confirmation email immediately after paying via credit card. Kaka-receive ko lang ng email kanina na na-approved ang visa application ko. I applied and got the approval within a day. Tuloy na tuloy na sa Taiwan!

    Thank you so much for all the help! More power to you! 🙂

  51. Hi, Your post is really insightful this will surely help folks like us who are first timers in applying evisa. I have some questions if you don’t mind ? I’m really nervous in applying evisa for my dad because he’s already 67 yrs old and he doesn’t remember the birthdays of his parents. He have also worked in Taiwan before and he’s married to my mom who has dual citizenship of Filipino and Chinese and she currently lives in Taiwan. We’re going to stay at a relative’s house instead of a hotel. I’m just really worried if given this information do you think he’ll be denied of the evisa? And last question, sa last week pa kami ng december aalis po papuntang taiwan and nakapag-book na kami ng ticket roundtrip is it ok po na mag apply na kami ng evisa ngayun? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Janine.. ur welcome! so far, base on your information.. for me I think wala naman magiging problema yung dad mo. As long as you give the correct details. meron nadin nag feedback sakin na approve yung mom niya kahit walang work so keri lang.. think positive kalang. Lastly, for me.. sa November nalang kayo mag apply 🙂

        1. hi Janine.. for me lang ha.. mga 25k pesos okay na siguro(hindi kasali yung pambayad sa accommodation). wala naman maxadong tourist attraction na may entrance doon eh. more on shopping, food and transpo yung major expenses. pero depende parin sa lifestyle niyo yan.. 🙂

  52. Hi, Your post is really insightful this will surely help folks like us who are first timers in applying evisa. I have some questions if you don’t mind ? I’m really nervous in applying evisa for my dad because he’s already 67 yrs old and he doesn’t remember the birthdays of his parents. He have also worked in Taiwan before and he’s married to my mom who has dual citizenship of Filipino and Chinese and she currently lives in Taiwan. We’re going to stay at a relative’s house instead of a hotel. I just really worried if given this information do you think he’ll be denied of the evisa? And last question po, nakapagbook na kami ng ticket beforehand last week of december po ang flight namin do you think we should apply for the evisa now? Thank you in advance.

  53. Hi, it’s me again, Amor. 🙂 Ask ko lang regarding my husband kasi he has an expired japan visa, expired nung jun 18, 2014, attached yung visa na yun sa old expired passport nya, pwede pa din kaya yun? And dun sa japan visa nya na yun, he’s still single, we got married kasi that same year. Do we just have to bring the old passport with us sa pag travel sa taiwan so they will see? Thank you.

    1. hello Amor! we have the same situation ng husband mo. my old japan visa is pasted on my expired passport. anyways.. if you will use that in applying for Travel Certificate exemption, just make sure na dalhin ng husband mo yung old passport niya with the expire japanese visa when traveling to Taiwan kasi e che-check yun sa immigration. 🙂

      1. Hi! my friend and I came across your super informative blog. May aask lang po sana kami. nag apply yung friend ko ng evisa nung october 11, 2017. We expected na today (oct 13) yung verdict ng taiwan embassy. Nung nag check status kami sa website, “under review” prin so nag followup kami sa Taiwan embassy sa Manila. Ang start ng 1st day of processing oct 12, then oct 13(today) 2nd day. and 3rd day is on (oct16) monday. Ask ko lang if what time dumadating ung verdict ng 3rd day. alis po kasi namin oct 16 ng 10pm. salamat po ng madami!

        1. Hello Sharmaine hindi ko matansha kung kailan.. depende po talaga sa embassy yun. Nagholiday kasi sila last time kaya mejo na delay yung processing ng mga visa. Follow up nlng kayo ulit sa monday before yung flight niyo. Balitaan mo ko!

          1. Hi, can you please tell me how can i get ecode when i finish the online form? thank for your prompt response.

      2. Hi. regarding the travel certificate, kailangan namin kumuha nun, both for my husband (na exempted) and for me na e visa ang meron? Thank you.

        1. Hi amor am not sure sa ibig monh sabihin. Pero if may evisa ka no need na kumuha ng travel authorization certificate.. para sure just call nlng the embassy.. 🙂

  54. Hello po! I’m currently applying for an E-visa. We do have cousins in Taiwan po but they will not support or shoulder the expenses for our trip. I just want to ask if there’s a need to answer the RELATIVE’S INFO when applying for E-visa. I was really confused kasi. Thank you po!

    1. Hello Melissa, depende sayo yun. Wala naman kaso if ilagay mo yung details nila. Pero if ako nasa lugar mo, hindi ko na ilalagay baka maraming pang tanong sila tsaka hassle na. 🙂

      1. Hello again! We submitted our e-visa application last sunday, up until now wala pa kong na rereceive na email regarding the status of our application. Medyo na ffreak out ako kasi this saturday na yung alis namin. Hopefully maka send na sila ng email. Madamo gd nga salamat sa imo nga blog! 🙂

  55. Hi! I’m not sure what to put on the father’s name field as I dont know who my real father is and only have a stepfather. In my NSO birth cert, N/A nakalagay sa father’s name. Would you suggest not to put any on that field? Pwede kaya yun? May chance kaya na iquestion nila ako and not approve my visa? Would love to know your thoughts 🙂 thanks!

    1. Hi Pau.. para sakin it’s best if mag ask ka directly sa embassy on this matter kasi mejo technical kasi yung situation mo. Di ko talaga masabi kung ano yung magiging judgement ng consul sa case mo.. balitaan mo ko!

  56. Hi! Nag apply ako for e-visa kasi sa 30 na yung flight ko and di abot sa visa free (sayang!). Anyway, nag fail yung card ko nung nasa payment na. Hindi naman siguro na process yung evisa ko no? Im worried na baka madoble yung application ko once i try again… thanks!

  57. I got my e -visa with in 3 Days!
    I just have concerns about the expected arrival and departure on the application does it need to be match on the roundtrip ticket you’ve booked?Does it matter? Because I booked it not on the same date but still is within the validity time of my e visa.Hope you could respond with my concerns. Thank you.?

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