South Korea Travel Guide

What They Won’t Tell You About South Korea – Travel Guide For First Timers

What to expect in South Korea? First of all, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Cebu Pacific Air and Unionbank Philippines for my free flight to South Korea. I am forever grateful! While my friends paid at least ₱9000 for their plane ticket back and forth. ??? At first, I was really…

South Korea Tourist Visa

Check the Status of your South Korean Visa Application Online

South Korea Visa Application Status Disclaimer: Although this is a legit site by South Korea, I cannot guarantee that this is 100% reliable on the status of your Visa Application. But I swear! there’s no harm in trying. Did you know that there’s a special website where you can check your South Korea Visa Application…

South Korea Tourist Visa

My Super Detailed / Spoon-feed Guide in Applying South Korean Tourist Visa for Filipinos

I know there are countless South Korean Visa Guide for Filipinos out there but I still want to share my own personal experience and how I almost got denied! ? Before I start, I would like to note that all of us 7 friends are first time applicants and applied for Tourist Visa for Employees…

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