Last November, me and my colleagues flew to Tokyo and stayed there for 6days & 5nights. For me, it was the best travel I had this year. I‘ll share in a separate post the actual experiences we had but for now I‘ll show you the “behind-the-scenes” preparation of this trip.

Hachiko Monument, Shibuya Station, Tokyo Japan
Never thought I could actually visit Hachiko in person 🙂

Breakdown of Expenses

Plane Fare = P3358 per person (Cebu to Tokyo to Cebu) w/ shared returned baggage allowance of 20kg

I booked our flight last April 6, 2015. When I saw the seat sale from Cebu Pacific, I immediately tried to go over the booking process and the end amount was only around P3000 pesos. I grabbed it with no hesitation. Why travel on November? Because autumn and bonus. HAHA 😉

Laagan Kaayo in Tokyo
Accommodation = P3085 per person for 5 nights or P617 per night

Hotels or even hostels are expensive in Tokyo that’s why I choose to look for cheap space rental at Airbnb for our accommodation.

What is Airbnb? 
Airbnb is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging. It has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries. It is the worldwide alternative to Hotels. The pricing is a lot lesser compared to hotels as the listings are mainly personal homes or used apartment. To know more, please visit their official website:

Is it safe? 
I’ve traveled since 2012 and I’m always using Agoda in booking our accommodations whether it’s local or international trip. But during our recent adventure in Tokyo, I had to consider the hotel/hostel expenses. The cheapest hostel I got from Agoda was around P900 per night, it’s an all-girl dorm type hostel in which case, our boy friend  won’t be able to stay. So I decided to use Airbnb. Aside from the fact that it’s cheap, I am also confident that Japan is safe. So the question if using Airbnb is safe? For me it depends on the country you are visiting and how much are you willing to take risk. Remember, it’s not a hotel where there are CCTV cameras around and 24/7  attendants or security guards that you can ask for help anytime.

The Advantage?

It’s cheaper. We save a good portion of our budget! And we were able to meet new Korean friends. Just imagine different nationalities staying in one apartment.

When choosing your accommodation in AIRBNB, be sure to scrutinize the pictures and the amenities describe in the listing and please please please read the reviews of the people who previously occupied the place so you know what you are getting into. Be sure to contact the host before booking the place and ask the necessary information that you will need. By the way, every host has its own rules that you need to follow because after all, it’s their place. Like in our case, it’s prohibited to talk outside the door because the neighbors upstairs don’t like it.

How did I decide to book the apartment in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo:
  • it’s so cheap. The budget portion I allocated for accommodation is P5000 per person but the apartment we got was only around P3000 per person. I won!
  • it’s a 10-minute walk from Nippori Station
  • it has free wi-fi
  • The host’s profile pic in Airbnb is Porco Rosso and I automatically like him. I just had a good feeling. Don’t ask.
Laagan Kaayo in Tokyo


Travel on Airbnb now! and get ₱943 in travel credit using the link below:
Pocket Money = P20000 per person or JPY 50,000

This includes food, transpo, entrance fees and pasalubong/souvenirs. The exchange rate during our time is .38 yen per 1 peso. We bought our yen in a Money Changer inside Ayala Center Cebu, near LBC. Personally, I have JPY4000 left upon returning home. 

Laagan Kaayo will not be liable for any damage or untoward incident that may happen upon using this itinerary:

Visa Fee = P1200 per person (tourist visa)
We got our visa from Friendship Tours in Oakridge, Mandaue. Here’s how I got our visa:
Travel Tax = P1620 per person
International Terminal Fee = P750 per person as of November 2015 at Mactan Int’l Airport
Disney Sea Ticket = P2645 per person or JPY 6900

We bought our ticket online in advance because I hate lining up. You can buy in advance too. Just please take note below photo.

Laagan Kaayo in Tokyo
mmm I printed the ticket using short size bond paper. It’s fine.  Please click here: 


In Summary
      Plane Fare                                  = P3358
      Accommodation                       = P3085
      Pocket Money                           = P20000
      Visa Fee                                      = P1200
      Travel Tax                                   = P1620
      International Terminal Fee      = P750
      Disney Sea Ticket                      =  P2645  
    Total                                              P32,658 

Or you can make it P35000 to cover misc expenses along the way.
So that’s it. I hope I gave you enough confidence to explore Tokyo, Japan without worrying about money. If you have other concerns or clarifications, please feel free to drop a comment below. 

Cheers! x

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