I think walking around Singapore alone at night gave me a chance to witness what the Lion City has to offer after sunset. I wondered what it’s like or is it safe.

Walking Around Singapore
Marina Bay Sands at Night

After a tedious day at Universal Studios, we headed back to the city center to dine and relax. We had our dinner at the famous Makansutra Gluttons Bay located near Esplanade. For me, it’s like an alfresco kind of hawker center where lots of food stalls are serving different sumptuous affordable food! It’s an open area so the surrounding is quite fascinating! I highly recommend this place.

Walking around Singapore at Night ?


Singapore Cityscape Walking Around Singapore
Singapore Cityscape
Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Singapore


Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Singapore


Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Singapore


Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Singapore


Wonderfull Light Show

While we were having dinner, the Wonderfull Light Show in Marina Bay Sands Hotel across started. It’s pretty cool for first timers like me to witness a laser-light show. I think the experience would have been better if we were at the hotel itself.

Walking Around Singapore


Walking Around Singapore
Suntec City

My friends were dead tired so they went back to our hotel after dinner. Me? I wander around alone. I went first to Suntec City. It’s a huge shopping mall and business center in Singapore. I was never scared walking alone because I know I’m not going to die in Singapore. HAHA just kidding. When I arrived, the place was already closed and silent. It was around 10PM so I understood. But the Fountain of Wealth was there. Did you know that it used to be the largest fountain in the world as listed in Guinness Book of World Records? As I’ve observed, its height is almost equal to a 3-storey building. It’s really huge guys. You must not miss it when visiting Singapore.

Suntec City, Singapore


Fountain of Wealth, Singapore


Helix Bridge

After enjoying the enormous fountain, I went to Helix Bridge. It’s the prettiest bridge I’ve ever been to so far!!! It’s so pretty and colorful (at night). This place has an amazing view of Singapore Cityscape! I highly recommend that you include this in your itinerary when visiting Singapore. Come on burn some calories!

Helix Bridge, Singapore


Art Science Museum, Singapore


Marina Bay Sands

So I made my way out of the bridge on the other side. Then I realize it’s the closest encounter I had with the iconic Marina Bay Sands building. I went inside trying not to look like I don’t know what I’m doing. hahaha I really looked like an idiot though. IDGAF. It was fun!

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore


Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

I was enjoying my stroll inside the hotel until I realize that it was quite late in the evening and like in the movies, I imagine myself chasing the last train! Wild imaginations in the middle of the night. Please, it’s normal. Hahaha. I made it to our hotel safe and sound! I salute myself XD

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walking in Singapore
Β Walking Route.

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  1. "I was never scared walking alone because I know I'm not going to die in Singapore."
    I laughed when i read that! I'm glad you and your friends have enjoyed yourselves in SG. Yeah, our malls are all closed by 10pm, the stores all starts to roll down their shutters by 930pm, unless it's those night shopping 'event' going on during the x'mas seasons.


  2. haha I was looking at your first picture for a while and wondering how did you manage to get it of my hard-drive… I took almost the same shot… lighting is a bit different πŸ™‚

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