It was our “unofficial” Batch Tour that brought me to the beautiful island of Leyte. We badly needed this vacation because finally, we graduated from College!!!! ON TIME.

Visit Leyte , Philippines

We rode a boat from Pier X(I forgot the number. Sorry.) scheduled to leave around 8PM and eta is 3AM. And guess what? I did not sleep. Because I just can’t sleep. T_T

What to do? Where to go? in Leyte

We arrive at dawn. We stayed inside the perimeters of Visayas State University. Yes, it’s one of the premier Universities in the Philippines and yes it’s our home for the next 3 days. Why? I really don’t know why but one of my classmates, they really have a house inside. I am amazed too.

Visayas State University
Wikipedia: “Visayas State University is the only university in the Visayas acknowledged by the Philippine Department of Tourism as a tourist destination because of its diverse flora and fauna bounding the mainland and sea from side to side.”

First Stop:  Agas Agas Bridge

What to do here? Of course, the ZIPLINE on top of the tallest bridge in the Philippines. It’s my first ever Zipline experience and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps and exclamation marks, it really was awesome. And yes, Agas Agas Bridge is the tallest bridge in the Philippines. Thanks to DPWH.

Agas Agas Bridge
Kids at heart.
Zipline in Leyte
Superman Zipline!!!
Agas Agas Bridge
Mandatory group picture.

Next Stop: Canigao Island

It’s an islet in Matalom, Leyte. Perfect for summer getaway.
Where to go this summer? Canigao Island
Mini paradise.
Where to go in Leyte? Canigao Island
“So you sailed away, into a grey sky morning”
Read more here: Camping at Canigao Island.
Next Stop: Ormoc City
The largest city in Leyte. Wikipedia says, “Ormoc is the economic, cultural, commercial and transportation hub of western Leyte.” We arrive at their City Hall around 9AM, visited the Vice Mayor and Mayor’s office for a courtesy call. Yes, courtesy call. I don’t know why. I mean who the hell are we? but yes. Sorry if I don’t know a lot of things. That’s normal for someone who isn’t the one who organized the trip. hahaha.
Ormoc City
Laagan Kaayo in Ormoc City
God my eye-bags.
Ormoc City
with the Vice Mayor.
Experience in Ormoc City
Smile everyone 🙂
Visit Ormoc City
Wacky pose with the Mayor 🙂
Next Stop: Lake Danao
The City Hall provided us a very handsome tour-guide from the Tourism Office. Aren’t they amazing?
Lake Danao in Ormoc City
It’s really more fun in the Philippines
Lake Danao in Ormoc City
Oh Nature.
Lake Danao in Ormoc City
Lake Danao in Ormoc City
Mandatory oblation pose for Lake Danao
Lake Danao in Ormoc, Leyte
Clams for sale.
Lake Danao in Ormoc, Leyte
Kids just wanna have fun.
Next Stop: Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys
This is my first cave experience. Stinky cave to be honest. Bat poops everywhere. But my classmates had fun spelunking. Me? I’m just observing and protecting myself from the monkeys above that might attack me anytime.
Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys in Leyte
Welcome signage.
Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys in Leyte
Hello Human!
Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys in Leyte
Cave walls.
Hindang Caves and Wild Monkeys in Leyte
Last stop: MacArthur Landing Memorial Park
Of all the places we visited in Leyte, this one thrilled me the most because before I only see these huge men in my books from school, now I see them in person. That’s my standard in computing the “value/essence” of a place I’m visiting. IDGAF. I was really in a hurry to jump off the bus as soon as we arrive. I was so happy and amazed. They were literally huge!
MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Leyte
“I just can’t wait to see you guys”
MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Leyte
Monument note.

MacArthur Landing Memorial Park in Leyte

So that’s pretty much the things that you should visit and experience in Leyte! and yes, WE SHALL RETURN 😉


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