Long before it was declared as one of the new 7 Wonders Cities, I have already visited Vigan. My first reaction was, “History is alive!”. We arrived at midnight coming from Laoag via Florida Bus. If you’re wondering where’s the perfect place to stay in Vigan? Well, we stayed atย Grandpa’s Inn. It’s located just few meters away from the famous Calle Crisologo. This hostel has an ancient vibe but very functional and cheap too. It fits the atmosphere in Vigan. And I highly recommend it.

Accommodation – Where to stay in Vigan?

Grandpa's Inn Vigan
Grandpa’s Inn Vigan
Grandpa's Inn Vigan
Not your average chairs by the window ๐Ÿ˜‰
Grandpa's Inn Vigan
Classic stairways
Grandpa's Inn Vigan
Information counter.

Before the tour began, we had our breakfast and tried BAGNET, famous local viand in Ilocos. And honestly, it’s just fried pork. Nothing special.

What to eat in Vigan? BAGNET
ย Vigan AdventuresThe mandatory pose outside the hostel.

Tour – Where to go in Vigan?

Kalesa, classic transportation in Vigan
Ready to get lost in Vigan.
This is one of the cool things here, the Kalesa ride. We hired 2 kalesa to tour us around the must-see things in Vigan. I forgot how much it cost but I’m pretty sure it was worth it.


Must-see things in Vigan: Calle Crisologo
Deserted streets of Calle Crisologo. Around 6AM.
Must-see things in Vigan: Calle Crisologo
This is so like in the text-books back school!!!!


2nd Stop: Bantay Belfry
Must-see things in Vigan: Bantay Belfry
Mandatory group picture.
Bell Tower in Vigan
Inside the Bell Tower in Vigan
Inside the Belfry.
Bantay Church in Vigan
Bantay Church. Isn’t it pretty?


3rd Stop: National Museum – Padre Burgos House


They said, it was the “house” of Father Burgos, one of the martyr priests executed by the Spaniards loooong time ago, popularly known as GomBurZa. This house is full of ancient well-preserved artifacts.

National Museum - Padre Burgos House in Vigan
Entrance to the Museum.
National Museum - Padre Burgos House
Some old things from the past.
National Museum - Padre Burgos House in Vigan
Where else would you see someone held in Garrote smiling with peace sign? Only here :))

Honestly, I held my breathe for seconds as I enter my neck into that rusty thing and smile for the camera. By the way, Garrote is a weapon use to strangle a person if you didn’t know. Scary.

National Museum - Padre Burgos House
Old piano. I didn’t check if it’s still working.
National Museum - Padre Burgos House
Old bedroom.
National Museum - Padre Burgos House
Classic ARINOLA ๐Ÿ™‚
National Museum - Padre Burgos House
Old utensils.


4th Stop: Baluarte

Honestly, I didn’t know what Baluarte really is. I mean I’ve heard it many times but it’s always associated with Chavit Singson. So when we arrive, we saw a lot of animals. It’s like a mini zoo? It’s a huge place by the way.

Baluarte in Vigan
Huge Dinosaur Statue
Baluarte in Vigan
My first ever Ostrich encounter.
Baluarte in Vigan
Baluarte in Vigan
Oh Tigers <3
Baluarte in Vigan
Some pasalubong kiosks at the entrance.
So that’s pretty much the things you can comfortably do in a day in Vigan. Calle Crisologo is the top priority must-see and experience in Vigan. We headed to Baguio after that.
See our short visit to Laoag here.

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