Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Singapore


It’s my second visit to Singapore after 3 years. I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life because I have so many unfinished business to deal with. Char! Seriously though, the first time I went here was not well-organized. We had so many attractions missed. Our accommodation was far away from train station. Can’t blame my self because it was my first international travel, so noob. So I promised to my self, I’ll go back to Singapore and I will stay at Marina Bay Sands.  I SWEAR TO GOD!


Paradise! Worth every penny 🙂

What actually happened?

So we arrive at Changi Airport around noon. The immigration process went smooth. We board the train 3 times to reach Bayfront which was a bit hassle. We headed straight towards Tower 1 for check in. Welcome to MBS!

Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Look up!
Poor Customer Service at Tower 1 Reception

We arrive at the hotel around 1PM. The attendant(Sarah) who received us wasn’t nice and not helpful. We didn’t feel welcome at all. She’s not even smiling. I can surely compare because the couple beside us were treated nicely by the other attendant. We were advised that the standard check-in was 3PM and that they will just email me as soon as our room was ready. The hotel has free wi-fi for hotel guests but Sarah didn’t give us the password since we don’t have a room yet. So how can I check my email if I cannot connect to the internet? So stupid.

Nice & Friendly Staff at Tower 3 Reception

We decided to visit SkyPark at 57th floor and then shop at Bugis to kill the time. We’re back at Marina Bay Sands around 3PM with shirts and chocolates and tried our luck and ask at Tower 3 since we took the entrance there. We met Kristell, the very accommodating lady at Tower 3. We found out that our room was still not ready (LIKE SERIOUSLY?) so she went over our accommodation and did some magic. It went for a while but at least she was apologizing for the inconvenience caused. She find us another room which was already available and upgraded our accommodation. So we are now staying at Tower 3. Thanks a lot to Kristel! Sarah could have use some advice from Kristel about excellent customer service.

Laagan Kaayo @ SkyPark, Marina Bay Sands
Enjoying Singapore’s Cityscape
Laagan Kaayo at Sands SkyPark Observation Deck
Smile even if it’s scorching hot!
Gardens By The Bay View from Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Gardens By The Bay view from Sands SkyPark
The Room

Although the room was just in the 4th floor, it was HUGE! We have our own Sala set. The bathroom was really spacious and the tub was superb! I’m also amazed by the automatic sheer and curtains(I think all their rooms are like this). So many light control switch, I’m having fun! Moreover, there’s plenty of mirrors to satisfy a woman’s vanity. They have also separated the (glass-enclosed)toilet, (glass-enclosed)shower and bath tub unlike the previous hotels that we stayed during this whole trip.

Marina Bay Sands Hallway
Hallway! The carpet and the lightning is just perfect combination 🙂
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
Welcome to our sala!
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
Overlooking view of the Super Trees at Gardens By The Bay 🙂
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
The Mirror Wall! #OOTD
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
King size bed
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
The deep-soaking tub. Complete with bath salt, loofah, body sponge, etc. My friend was so happy! 😀 Also that thing on the left side below is a transparent weighing scale. To remind me of my struggling diet T_T I gained 1 fucking kilo since the start of this trip. T_T
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
Double Sink. Complete with toiletries. I was also impressed with the Roberto Cavalli hair essentials.
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
Nespresso Machine!!!
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
The fridge aka “mini bar”.
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
What’s inside the fridge?
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands
The complimentary water that is surely not enough and it was too late to remember that tap water is safe to drink in Singapore. T_T So we bought 1 liter bottle of water from 7Eleven for SGD4+. So expensive T_T
Marina Bay Sands – Verdict

MBS is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore, built by the South Korean company Ssangyong Engineering and Construction and completed in 2010. Prior to its opening, it was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including the land cost.

The resort includes a 2,561-room hotel, a 120,000-square-metre (1,300,000 sq ft) convention-exhibition centre, the 74,000 m2 (800,000 sq ft) The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands mall, a museum, two large theatres, “celebrity chef” restaurants, two floating Crystal Pavilions, a skating rink, and the world’s largest atrium casino with 500 tables and 1,600 slot machines. The complex is topped by a 340-metre-long (1,120 ft) SkyPark with a capacity of 3,900 people and a 150 m (490 ft) infinity swimming pool, set on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform, which overhangs the north tower by 67 m (220 ft). – From Wikipedia. Read more here.

No wonder why the hotel has become a tourist attraction itself. Thousands of people visiting Singapore wouldn’t miss the chance to have a picture with the iconic 3-Tower dominating the Marina Bay skyline. But was it all worth paying SGD500+ for a night?

Honestly, I’m not sure. HAHA.

The main reason we badly want to check in at Marina Bay Sands is because of the infinity pool. Nothing more than that. The SkyPool is exclusively available to hotel guests only so we have no choice but to get a room.

Despite the upgrade Kristell made with our accommodation, I still have some disappointments with our stay at Marina Bay Sands.

> The toilet has no bidet. I think that bidet should be a standard in every toilet. In all types of room, In all hotels, especially Marina Bay Sands.

> No welcome drinks. I was surprised that there were no welcome drinks provided because the hotels that we stayed few days before arriving Singapore were all serving welcome drinks to guests even if they are not as fancy as MBS.

> No free usable fridge. The standard fridge placed in all the rooms are full of drinks for sale. They name it as “mini bar” and is controlled by a censor. So once you pull out any beverage, it will automatically charge to your credit card. You can’t even check the nutrition facts of the bottle. If you really want a usable fridge, you can ask but you must pay a fee of S$10. I mean, why can’t you just provide a free usable fridge?

> No Towel Placement inside the Shower cubicle. WHY?

> Our room rate doesn’t include free breakfast 🙁

> Check in time: 3PM  — Check out time: 11AM. WHY SO EARLY? WHYYYY.

Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Laagan Kaayo at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The SkyPool didn’t disappoint. The view, the feels was really amazing! That I will write a separate post about my experience in the world’s highest & largest infinity pool. 😀 Other than the pool, everything was okay.

Will I comeback? Not really.  Will I recommend this to my friends? Not really

Any regrets in staying at Marina Bay Sands? Certainly not. I had a good night sleep. And an awesome memorable experience at the sky pool. So no regret at all.

In short, without their famous infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands is just like any other regular hotel. Like no big deal. Oh well, charge to experience and to my credit card.


10, Bayfront Avenue,
Singapore 018956
+65 6688 8888

For room reservations, please visit their site:

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  1. This is a very detailed review of a hotel and hotel room and very helpful. The hotel looks very nice and you are right, for that price I want all the comfort I can get, including a free fridge.

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